Triumph Worship


The sounds of Heaven touching earth, through worshippers that usher His Presence, shift atmospheres and bring transformation to regions, cities and nations!


VOT’s culture is very unique! We are creative worshippers that create encounters as we worship the Father in Spirit & in truth. At VOT, we allow the Holy Spirit to be who He is through our unique talents and allow His presence to take over the worship services. Of course all in decency and order.

We are a Supernatural Culture where we allow the gifts of the Spirit to flow and have expression in who He is. VOT is naturally supernatural by being a prophetic church that flows in prophetic (spontaneous songs, healing songs and prophetic sounds through the instruments.) Our culture is to bring Heaven on earth and for the Body of Christ to experience the manifested presence of God. We want you to be you, but we will also stretch you to go beyond your abilities.

We ask our worship Leaders to grow in their prophetic abilities, as we are ALL called to prophesy in 1 Corinthians 14. Please know that this is our DNA. We love structured worship but know that you are at VOT and the VOT Leadership will challenge you in this area.

Our culture is a “Culture of Honor” so we are all about honoring one another and lifting each other up. Honor is the key to success in every area of our lives. Please follow your leaders as the word says. Hebrews 13:6

Led By:

Natalie Casey

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