Growth Track Ministries


Growth Track has been designed as a ministry tool to direct the believer to a deeper connection and clear understanding how we do life at Voice of Triumph Church.

We are a loving family of believers who deeply encounter the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus to express the joy and power of His kingdom in every area of life. These are not discipleship classes, but a door that leads you to partner deeper with God and us as a Christ-family

In our Bay Area community, sometimes it’s hard to find out where to start and deeply connect with others. Growth Track will help you learn about our Identity, Culture, Discovery of your lane & Partnership opportunities. Begin your journey today by building deeper relationships, learning more about VOT’s legacy and investing your strength in a new church family.

Join us after service in the training room. This is amazing opportunity to learn more about our church partnership classes and how you can grow with us!


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